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The Benefits of Plantation Shutters for Your Colorado Home

Plantation shutters offer an elegant look and functional beauty to any Colorado home. The benefits of shutters reach far beyond being an eye-catcher for your home. Shutters are made of different materials and finishes and fit perfectly into any traditional or contemporary decor. Originally, shutters were made of solid wood and used to keep the sun out of homes in hot environments. With growing technology, plantation shutters are now made of advanced materials and offer many advantages.

Here are some of the benefits when installing interior shutters in your Colorado home:

Shutters lower energy costs for your Colorado Home

R Values of Window CoveringsModern shutters are a great way to keep the hot, damaging, high-altitude sun at bay. They create a strong layer of insulation for your windows and prevent the comfortable air in your home from sneaking out. In the winter, shutters’ insulating ability eliminates drafts and keeps heat inside your Colorado home. Windows and doors are responsible for up to 25% of a home’s energy use, causing utility bills to rise. Don’t overwork your heating and air conditioning; keep utility bills down with energy-efficient shutters. See; Are Plantation Shutters Good At Insulating Your Home?

Shutters control the light in several ways.

Hunter Douglas Shutters Operating SystemsInterior shutters operate by tilting the louvers to adjust the angle of the slats. Shutters come in several styles, from single panels to multiple panels, to café style and specialty shapes, and you have complete control over how much light is let in. Sunlight pointed downward can reduce glare on TV and computer screens, and sunlight pointed upward shines light throughout the whole room. Open the panels to any width you choose to control the light coming in. You choose the hinge placement of your shutters to determine which way they will swing, so you can let the sunlight in while still enjoying privacy in your home.

Shutters are easy to clean and reduce dust.

Plantation Shutters CleaningDusting shutters is as easy as wiping them down on one side, reversing the angle, and wiping the other. Unlike other window coverings, which require special cleaning, and most likely remove them from the window to do so, shutters take just a few minutes of your time. Because they are so easily cleaned and less porous than fabric window treatments, they don’t collect dust and pet hair as quickly.

Shutters add value to your Colorado home.

Shutters add value to your homeShutters look like high-end window coverings but are usually less expensive than window coverings such as custom draperies. They increase the appraised value of your home and the energy efficiency of each window. They look beautiful inside and outside the Colorado home, so you also gain excellent curb appeal.

Shutters add protection to your windows.

Plantaion Shutters Colorado Springs Kids RoomPlantation Shutters are free from cords and strings, which can harm children and pets. They offer strong protection against damage to the windows as well. They better stand up to damaging pets or an aimlessly thrown toy than blinds. Shutters last much longer than most window coverings; there are no cords or lift mechanisms to break. Good quality shutters will protect your windows for many years.

Shutters are easily customized.

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters in Greenwood Village, ColoradoShutters come in many color choices to match the décor of any Colorado home. They can also be custom-colored to match your trim or made with an accent color. Material is even customizable. Shutters can come in hardwood shutters, Poly shutters, vinyl shutters, and composite shutters materials. Shutters come in many sizes and styles, so whether you like the look of single-panel shutters with large louvers, or café style shutters with narrow louvers, the choice is yours. See: How to pick shutters for your home.

Shutters are resistant to fading and damage.

PolyCore-Shutters - PolyCore-Shutters-outside-a-Colorado-Springs-house.jpgOur shutters are much more resistant to fading and discoloration than their fabric counterparts. The materials used are made to be resistant to cracking, warping, and buckling, and they can handle daily use much better than most other window coverings. With our professional design and installation, you won’t have to worry about shutters warping or sagging. Most manufacturers also offer lifetime warranties on their shutters, guaranteeing protection as long as you live in your home.

If you would like to learn more about how your home can benefit from plantation shutters, Contact New View Blinds and Shutters. You will personally consult the owner to design the custom shutters you’ve always dreamed of.

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