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Solar Powered Motorized Window Shades

Solar Power Window Shades in Colorado

Enjoy the advantages of solar-powered motorized shades.

Regarding energy conservation, solar power is a clean and renewable source that’s both popular and beneficial. In the past, powering your entire home with solar power might not be attainable for everybody because it is incredibly costly to implement. But we have excellent news; there’s another way to enjoy the advantages of solar energy with our Simplicity solar-powered motorized window shades.

Enjoy energy savings from solar-powered motorized shades

Small solar charging panels harvest energy from the sun, eliminating the need for electricity as a power source. Solar panels mount inconspicuously behind the window shades and continually recharge the built-in battery.
With this benefit, a solar charging panel will pay for itself in the long run, so you’ll view this as an investment instead of a “luxury” purchase.

Solar-powered window shades are programmable.

Similar to battery-powered and hard-wired motorized window coverings, our solar-powered motorized window shades can be turned into intelligent blinds. This allows you to schedule your window shades to open or close during certain times of the day. Programming your motorized shades also can help with temperature control for an additional level of energy efficiency.

Solar-powered window shades lower your carbon footprint.

Although battery-operated motorized blinds are also energy efficient, improper disposal of batteries hurts the environment. There are instructions on adequately removing batteries, but most people are guilty of tossing them in garbage cans without thinking. With a solar charging panel, a rechargeable lithium battery pack will last hundreds of charge cycles, removing the disposal aspect. In addition, your carbon footprint is lowered because of decreased use of electricity (which may be non-renewable), allowing you to take advantage of a more natural and renewable energy source.

Simplicity solar-powered motorized shades are a safe option. Reasons for this include:

• No hard-wiring or exposed power cords are required.
• There is no need to attempt to access hard-to-reach places (such as skylights and other high windows) to change batteries in your window treatment’s motor.
• Motorization eliminates the necessity for unsafe lift cords.

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