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Common Misconceptions About Motorized Window Coverings

Motorized Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shades insulating in Colorado SpringsOne of the best advancements in window coverings is motorization; however, many could be debating on whether or not motorized window coverings are a good investment for their home or commercial space.
If this is you, we’ve outlined and cleared up a number of common misconceptions of automated window coverings. We will help you see true beauty and convenience these innovative window treatments can bring to your space.

Motorized Window Coverings Are A Frivolous Luxury

In the past, motorized window coverings were only something you would see in a high-end commercial space or within the homes of the rich and famous. This gave people the thought that these window coverings were mainly for appearances. However, as technology advances, smart devices have become sought after, and have become more available to anyone, regardless of their budget.
Besides being an upscale and convenient addition to your space, they also have other benefits. As an example, according to, properly installed motorized window coverings may result in up to 20% less energy loss through your windows.
Automated window coverings also provide you with control of your privacy, lighting, and glare with an easy touch of a button or voice control. They can even be controlled when you are away.

There Is A Limited Choice Of Motorized Window Coverings

Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorized ShuttersSurprisingly, many believe that roller shades are the sole options available for motorization, which might not be their desired choice. At New View Blinds and Shutters, we have a range of designs, fabric choices, and styles to choose from. You’ll be able to add motorization to roman shades, cellular shades, horizontal blinds, skylights, draperies, and even plantation shutters!
Modern motorized window coverings operate on radio frequency, so we can add accents like custom fascias and cornices without blocking the remote signal.

Motorized Window Coverings Are Loud

Noise is a clear concern, especially if you’re looking to control several motorized treatments at once. Who wants their space to be drowned out with loud screeching motors?
Our top manufacturers which includes Hunter Douglas, for instance, offer solutions that are as quiet as a whisper.
These modern quiet motors are especially wonderful when you want to schedule your window coverings to raise in the morning to wake you gently with the slow inflow of natural sunlight.

Motorized Window Coverings Are BulkyHunter Douglas Silhouette window shadings motorized in Castle Pines, Colorado

If you’re trying to find a slim and sleek design, we’ve got you covered. From our wireless window shade motors to our motorized plantation shutters you can rest assured that your window treatments won’t take up unnecessary space, or be noticeable at all.

Automated Window Coverings are Difficult To Maintain

Automated window coverings can actually be easier to maintain than manually operated window treatments. For instance, since manual operation is not needed, you experience fewer strains on cords and other lift mechanisms, and don’t have to worry about messy hands.
In the past, with battery-operated systems, the downside used to be how often the batteries needed to get replaced. But now with efficient motors, depending on how often the use, the first set of batteries can keep your devices running for anywhere from 1 to 5 years before needing to be changed.
In addition to traditional batteries, there are optional rechargeable motors. With these, rather than replacing the batteries, a power cord is connected to the motor to recharge every year or so. You can even choose a solar panel recharger to remove even more inconvenience. Both these options take away the hassle and cost of replacing batteries.
If you’re looking to put in hardwired motorized solutions, you can expect little to no maintenance* aside from an easy spot cleaning of your window treatments when needed.

Motorized Hunter Douglas Blinds in Colorado*Disclaimer: Like most smart and automatic products, if you encounter any programming issue or manufacturing technical difficulties, maintenance could also be required. But most are simple fixes which will be resolved via troubleshooting, manufacturer warranties, or help from knowledgeable (such as your original installer.)

Although many could be unsure about installing motorized window treatments, some of their reasons or negatives are just simple misconceptions. Automated window covering solutions are an excellent investment for any commercial or residential space.


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