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5 Reasons Why Custom Window Treatments Are A Good Choice

It can be tempting to take shortcuts to save time or money when building, renovating, or simply redecorating your house. It’s crucial to maintain your commitment to purchase custom window treatments even when the project’s other costs start to mount. Although there are some widely available and lower-priced window treatments, they frequently lack durability, are constructed of subpar materials, and might not match your room perfectly. Most lack the degree of sophistication or quality that can significantly alter the look of your rooms, and some even pose safety issues.

Window treatments from New View Blinds and Shutters are fully customized. Here are five reasons why, in our judgment, custom window treatments are always the best option for your home.

1, the superior fit and finish of custom window treatments.

Cellular shade arch in Monument,CO When it comes to your window treatments’ general ‘appearance’ and how they make your house feel, it is undoubtedly true that you get what you paid for.

Cheaper, “one-size-fits-all” blinds, shutters, or window shades can lack the sophistication and refinement of a customized, high-quality solution. An improperly fitted blind can, for example, have cords that hang excessively low or high or protrude awkwardly from the window opening. This can make a space appear unfinished and diminish the impact of other design features, such as furniture, rugs, or cabinetry that you may have spent a lot of money on.

Our collection of completely personalized window treatments is manufactured to order and specifically crafted to meet each and every window’s form, size, and overall design theme. To make sure you select the appropriate product type, fabric, opacity, operating system, and accessories, you receive a customized in-home consultation with a product expert in your home. This can assure that the special look you’re going for will last.

2, long-term savings of custom window treatments.

Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Shades in Castle Rock, COEven though lower-priced window treatments might seem appealing at first, evidence suggests that going with a quality option might actually result in long-term cost savings.

Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Shades have a special honeycomb ‘cell’ construction that traps air and works as a window-insulating barrier. In fact, these clever air pockets can cut down on heat transfer via windows and lower winter heating expenses for typical homes by up to 43%*. Additionally, all of New View Blinds & Shutters’ products are created to be long-lasting, low-maintenance, and simple to clean. They are often covered by the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

3, custom window treatments are fit for the purpose.

Pirouette room darkening shade in DenverIt’s important to note that window treatments aren’t merely for looks. They can also perform a variety of crucial tasks throughout the house, such as limiting light in a bedroom or TV room, providing filtered light in a living space, shielding interiors from the intense Colorado sun, or lowering heating and cooling costs.

You may manage how light enters and exits your home by using one of the many blinds, shades, or shutters that New View Blinds & Shutters carries. To ensure a perfect fit for your rooms, all of our window treatments are also measured and installed by trained professionals. Additionally, the complete selection is engineered and rigorously tested to satisfy high-quality standards and deliver great performance in the harsh Colorado environment.

4, custom window coverings are versatile.

Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers, DenverYou also have the benefit of being able to select from a variety of fabrics, finishes, and operating systems when you choose a custom window covering. Our knowledgeable experts can walk you through all of your options and suggest those that are the best fit for your house.

Depending on how much light you wish to let in, you can typically select from a variety of fabrics and opacity levels when using our window treatments:

Sheer- gently maintains a sense of privacy while providing a view through the window and softly filtering sunlight.

Translucent- while maintaining daytime privacy, it diffuses harsh light evenly around the space to provide a gentle, ambient light.

Room-Darkening- this is ideal for bedrooms, media rooms, and home theaters since it offers the most light and privacy control.

5, custom window coverings are safer.

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters are child safeYou may enhance the safety of your house for small children and pets with a customized solution. Unrestrained cords, loop chains, and wires (which are present on the majority of commercial window coverings) might pose a danger in a child’s bedroom. This is especially true if a child can quickly rise up or sit down on their bed and reach the windows.

You can insure that your window treatments are functional and safe for the entire family with custom-made window treatments.

Do you want to learn more about custom window treatments?

Free in-home consultations with our New View Blinds and Shutters specialists are available. Your New View Blinds and Shutters specialist is qualified to help you choose the most distinctive custom window treatments for your house. Get a quote from us right away.

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Bring home the beauty of custom window coverings with a convenient on-site, no-pressure consultation from New View Blinds and Shutters. We will offer you low everyday honest pricing on a huge selection of shutters, shades, blinds, and more. Please use our decades of experience to find your perfect window coverings!

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