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Krohn’s blinds and shutters in Colorado Springs and Denver

Krohns Wood Vertical and in Colorado SpringsKrohns Shutters in Colorado Springs and Denver
Krohn’s Coverings is our local manufacturer for high quality window coverings. They’re located in Colorado Springs and have a public showroom to display their blinds and shutters. Contact us to arrange a visit.

Colorado made blinds and shutters

Krohn’s Coverings is especially innovative in the wood window coverings category. They place a special emphasis on developing and introducing new wood window coverings products to the industry. These products include their high-end Alder Select and Knotty Alder shutters, Knotty Alder Blinds, and  3 5/8″ Wood Vertical and Horizontal Blinds. Krohn’s Coverings uses the Woodmill trade name for their blinds and shutters. Products carrying the Woodmill mark are uniquely high in quality, and competitive in price points; while indicating a level of value unequaled in the wood and alternative wood window covering category of the industry.

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Woodmill 2.5″ Knotty Alder
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Woodmill 3 5/8″ Basswood Blinds
Woodmill 3 5/8″ Basswood Vertical
Woodmill 2″ Alternative Wood Blinds
Crestview Shutters
Crestview Plus Shutters
Classic Line Shutters
Knotty & Select Alder Shutters

Krohns Shutters in Colorado Springs brochure


We will be happy to visit your Colorado home at your convenience to assist you in making the right decision for your new Krohns window coverings.


Krohns Shutters in Colorado Springs brochure

Welcome to, your one-stop destination for all things related to home improvement and interior design. We are delighted to present to you the Krohns Shutters in Colorado Springs brochure, a remarkable addition to our collection of exceptional products. This meticulously crafted brochure showcases the elegance and sophistication that Krohns Shutters bring to any living space. As you flip through its pages, you will be captivated by the seamless blend of functionality and beauty that these shutters offer. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from their precise measurements tailored specifically for your windows to the wide array of colors and finishes available.

Each page tells a story of timeless charm as it transports you into a world where natural light dances effortlessly through impeccable slats, while maintaining privacy when needed most. With this brochure as your guide, you can envision how these shutters can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room or create an ambiance filled with warmth and tranquility. Whether you seek traditional elegance or contemporary style, the Krohns Shutters showcased in this brochure cater to diverse tastes and preferences with their versatility. Immerse yourself in the possibilities presented within these pages – transform your living spaces into personal sanctuaries where luxury meets practicality, seamlessly integrated by Krohns Shutters’ expertise.

Welcome to, the premier destination for beautiful window treatments. Our extensive selection is sure to captivate your imagination and enhance the ambiance of any room. Whether you are seeking a touch of elegance or a contemporary flair, our products will transform your windows into works of art. One shining example from our exceptional range is the Krohns Shades in Colorado Springs brochure, showcasing the epitome of craftsmanship and sophistication. These shades are meticulously designed with attention to every detail, making them a truly stunning addition to any home or business. Made utilizing hands-down the best materials, they offer sturdiness that endures time while radiating timeless beauty.

The pamphlet provides a vivid experience as it takes you through a journey highlighting the exceptional features and benefits these shades bring: improved security, superior light control, and energy efficiency, all flawlessly blended with unique aesthetics. Discover how Krohns Shades can effortlessly blend functionality and style by exploring this charming brochure on today!

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