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How to choose the right plantation shutter options for your home

shutters by Norman Shutters in Castle Rock, ColoradoWhen decorating your Colorado home, you must pick the perfect window coverings to match your home’s décor. Window treatments should be decorative and functional, not just to cover your windows. They should be able to adjust the natural light entering your home and serve as a decorative feature that adds style and beauty to your Colorado home. Nothing compares to the look of  Plantation Shutters in your home. Plantation Shutters are a great window covering options because they are incredibly versatile. You can close the louvers for privacy or open them for a great view of the beautiful Colorado outdoors. They can be installed in just one or all the rooms in your home. With so many options available with plantation shutters, it’s hard to make decisions.

How do you choose the suitable options for your Plantation Shutters?


Here are some tips from our professional blinds and shutters company:


Louver size of Plantation Shutters

Hunter Douglas Shutters 2 1/2 inch view through

2 1/2 inch

Hunter Douglas Shutters 3 1/2 inch view through

3 1/2 inch

Hunter Douglas Shutters 4 1/2 inch view through

4 1/2 inch

The first thing to consider in choosing the right louver is whether you have enough clearance for the size you want. Most shutters come in 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, and 4 1/2″ louver sizes. Make sure the louvers can move freely without hitting anything.
Tall windows lend themselves to larger louvers. Shorter windows will look more balanced with smaller louvers.
Next, look at the view through the louvers. If you want the least obstructed view, choose the largest louver that will fit.
Finally, decide the style of your decor. Smaller louvers have more of a traditional look. Larger louvers have more of a modern look.

Number of panels

Hunter Douglas Shutters BiFold Hinged in Colorado

4 panel bifold

Hunter Douglas Shutters Even Panels in Colorado

3 even panels with t-posts

Hunter Douglas Shutters Measured T-Post in Colorado

3 measured panels with t-posts

The type of shutter you choose will determine the maximum width of your panels. Generally, composite shutters have the narrowest maximum widths, and wood shutters have the widest.
More comprehensive panels will give you the least obstructed view and a more modern look. A smaller panel will give you a more obstructed view but a more traditional look.

Front tilt rod or rear tilt rod

Hunter Douglas Shutters Off Center Front Tilt Rod, Denver

Off-Center Front Tilt Rod

Hunter Douglas Shutters Front Tilt Rod, Denver

Front Tilt Rod

Hunter Douglas Shutters Rear Tilt Bar, Denver

Rear Tilt Rod

The front tilt rod has a traditional look, and the rear tilt has a more modern look. The front tilt will break up your view somewhat, and the rear tilt will give a more unobstructed view.




Shutter frames

Z-Frame Shutters in Castle Rock, CO


Casing Frame Shutters in Castle Rock, CO

Casing Frame

L-Frame Shutters in Castle Rock, CO


Choose the frame that fits your window openings. If you have windows sills, see if the frame hangs off the edge. Check for clearance of window locks, hand cranks, Etc.




Shutter comes in many different types of styles that need to match the look of your home. You can customize your shutters to reflect your style through New View Blinds and Shutters. There is a variety of different types of shutters you can choose from, including:

Composite Shutters
Wood Shutters
Knotty Alder Shutters
PolyCore Shutters
Vinyl Shutters
And More!

All of the shutters have their attributes and features that are unique to each. A homeowner must consult a Colorado Shutter specialist, like New View Blinds and Shutters, before deciding on what type of shutter to install in their home.

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