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Why Plantation Shutters are the Safest for Your Home?

There are several reasons why plantation shutters are one of the safest window coverings on the market today. Many consumers who shop for window coverings are concerned with the safety of their children and pets. Most children and pets are inherently curious, wanting to touch and taste just about everything they can get their hands or mouths on. Plantation shutter manufacturers understand the need for safer environments in our homes and have built many safety features into today’s plantation shutters. The safer their environment, the less likely they’ll get hurt, so consider plantation shutters if you’re looking for new window coverings for your home.

Plantation Shutters Colorado Springs Kids Room

Window Shutters Are Safe for Children and Pets

Window shutters open on hinges or slide on tracks and don’t include strings or cords that can get tangled up or come loose, making them safer for children and pets. Many cases are reported yearly on the hazards of strangulation by cords or strings involving children with many types of window coverings. Pets also tend to love to play with dangling cords, so if you have pets, the window shutter is also one of the best window covering options for your windows. Shutters use strong magnets or snap closures, so they won’t move unless an adult operates them.

Plantation shutters have many features that make them safe for your home:


Fire Retardant Attributes Of Plantation Shutters

Many shutter styles you can get today are manufactured with fire-retardant materials. Fire retardant shutters made of polyvinyl (PolyCore Shutters) or fire retardant poly satin vinyl (Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Shutters) are commonly available in today’s window treatment market.

VOC Free Shutters (no harmful vapors)

Many harmful vapors come from building materials, and shutter manufacturers have taken note. Consumers concerned about shutter safety will be glad that today’s shutters offer VOC-free materials that won’t turn into harmful vapors that accumulate in your home’s indoor environment.

Motorized Operating Shutters

Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorized ShuttersMotorized shutters are a convenient, modern option. Unlike blinds and shades, motorized shutters don’t operate with cords; a hidden mechanism inside the panel tilts the louvers open or closed. Shutter motorization can be used with the Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Shutter and is an excellent solution for safety and convenience. The Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Shutter with PowerView motorization is “smart,” allowing you to control the shutters whether you’re home or not via your cell phone, tablet, or desktop over the internet or remote control if you’re at home.

Anti-Microbial Shutters

Anti-microbial properties make today’s shutters resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, and other harmful organic substances. These properties keep harmful germs from spreading throughout your home.

Shutters Offer Safe Operation

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Shutters in Colorado​Your window’s shutters open to the side on hinges or slide-on tracks and don’t include strings or other dangling pieces that can get tangled up or come loose. This makes them safer for children and pets. If you choose the motorized option for your shutters, you have an even safer operation involved, so little fingers don’t get hurt.

Most shutter manufacturers know that shutter safety is always on our minds in Colorado homes. Colorado homeowners value safe products for their children and pets, grandchildren, or visiting neighbors and friends. If you’re looking for a window covering option that is the safest, the plantation shutter is one of the best.

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