bypass or bi-fold track sliding shutters

Bypass Or Bi-Fold Track Sliding Shutters- Which Is Best For Your Sliding Glass Doors

Looking for a durable treatment for your sliding glass door? Go with custom-built sliding shutters from New View Blinds and Shutters! Our sliding shutters permanently attached and slide or fold out of the way, so you can have full use of the door. Sliding shutters open and close with one easy tilt of the louvers, letting you go from full light to total privacy and anywhere in between. With a divider rail, you can let in light up top and have privacy below. No cords, no railing and no struggling to keep them from getting caught in the door like with other window treatments. Sliding door shutters offer privacy, light control, and they block heat and cold from passing through the glass. That makes them the perfect complement to any homeowner who wants to prioritize comfort and practicality.

Depending on the layout of your sliding glass doors and your own personal preference, you can choose between two types of sliding shutters, bi-fold track shutters and bypass track shutters.
Bypass sliding shutters slide behind each other on tracks for access to the sliding glass door. Multiple shutter panels slide on tracks mounted above a sliding glass door. For some, a drawback of bypass sliding shutters is that with almost every configuration, there will be a shutter panel over one side of your sliding glass door at all times. Bypass sliding shutters for sliding glass doors are also stronger than bi-fold track shutters, since there are fewer moving parts that can become damaged or wear out.

Another type of shutter that works well for sliding glass doors is the bi-fold track sliding shutter. Bi-fold track shutters are constructed of hinged panels that fold up to save space and open up your doorway, Bi-fold track shutters can be installed to open all to the same direction or to open toward both sides of the sliding door. It's a good option if you want to have a full view, since all the panels fold to one side. The bi-fold track sliding shutters isn't quite as popular as the bypass, since it does take more time to fold the panels and the panels do protrude into the room as they fold.

New View Blinds and Shutters’ sliding shutters are available in all types of materials, wood, composite, vinyl and poly. We’ll help you compare and decide on which one is right for you. Contact us and find out how we can custom make shutters for your sliding glass doors.
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